I will bring to the Board of Education nearly 20 years of combined experience in teaching, college & career counseling, and leading PTA efforts. I understand the importance of supporting students in and out of the classroom. As an educator:

  • Teaching elementary school students for 7 years prior to joining MCPS

  • Working across elementary, middle, and high schools in MCPS in various capacities to collect data and identify the needs of underrepresented high school students, including those who are FARMS recipients and first-generation college bound students.

  • Addressing mental health and wellbeing of students by hosting several mental health seminars and writing contests to increase cross-cultural, generational, and impactful communication.

Community Leader and Advocate

Uplifting students and families from hard-to-reach communities and underserved populations has been one of my advocacy areas in education. Through my engagement within the community, I understand that one-size fits all approach to achievement in one of America’s most diverse school districts won't work. That’s why I stepped up to help close the opportunity gap by:

  • Founding the Village Initiative to connect special education students and families with non-profits and school services to better cater their needs

  • Successful bringing English as a Second Language classes to Churchill High School, supporting those foreign-born residents who make up one third of Montgomery County’s population

  • Collaborating with minority groups, such as the Latino, Asian Pacific American, and African American Student Achievement Action Groups, to diversify MCPS staffing, foster culturally sensitive teaching, and set legislative agendas on minority education issues.

These experiences are key to building bridges between special populations within the MCPS community and the Board of Education.

MCPS Parent and Leader

I am the proud parent of two MCPS graduates. My daughter attended Farmland Elementary, Eastern Middle School and Winston Churchill High School, Class of 2019. My son attended Farmland Elementary, Herbert Hoover Middle School and is a recent graduate of Churchill High School.

As my children completed their education, I served as a:

  • Chair for various PTA committees

  • School cluster representative

  • Girl Scout Troop leader

Today, I continue to mentor students of the Junior Reporters Club and a 4H community service club in District 3. These efforts gave me the opportunity to work with students of all walks of life so they can achieve success inside and outside the classroom.