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 Empowerment, Transparency, and Bridge-building.  

College, Career, and Life Preparation

  • Mitigate learning disruption caused by the pandemic by providing resources and support to students and staff

  • Ensure the continuous improvement of achievement for ALL students

  • Increase immersion program and world language program offerings

  • Expand STEAM program offerings in areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, environmental studies, and business entrepreneurship in local or regional schools

  • Build partnerships with local businesses, scientific institutions, and government agencies to provide more internship opportunities for our students.  

  • Strengthen and elevate college and career exploration and counseling in high schools

Community Building and Community Engagement

  • Strengthen outreach via town hall meetings and canvassing to ensure real-time understanding of ground-truths in the community

  • Maintain transparency in all stages of decision-making process and increase input opportunities from stakeholders

  • Develop and devise long-term strategy and policy to address standing issues, to include staff recruitment and retention

  • Increase collaboration and partnership with local businesses, government agencies, and research institutions to provide student training and externship opportunities

Student Well-Being

  • Leverage local health systems to foster the creation of a MCPS-wide student mental health service network

  • Create mental health support groups with trained community members and student peers 

  • Provide training to teachers and staff to better detect and meet students’ mental well-being needs